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Impacting: July 15 2019
Format(s): AAA, Triple A

Every day we write the book…Frank Lombardi sure has… and the trials and tribulations of his life have taken shape in this profoundly beautiful collection of songs that tell Frank’s stories of roughly rocky years gone by. Peaks and valleys, lessons learned or not learned, and wide-reaching disappointment form the complex landscape that is “Predawn.” The New Jersey shore is the fertile ground for Frank’s poignant stories to emerge along with his gorgeous silky voice and stunning sense of melody, blossoming into a truly remarkable album of acoustic folk and blues. Instantly captivating and compelling…. a must listen for any genuine soulful music fan ready for the deep vibey beauty that is “Predawn.”

Contact Info:

Radio: Matt Ulanoff – 248-657-3380

Streaming: Warren Wyatt – 808-323-4224

Label/Mgmt: Holly Hutchison – 732-978-0160